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Amazing Culture

It is true that we are stronger together, while still growing individually. We are true family-style brokerage intent on helping each other WIN!

Training, Structure & Mentoring

We have all 6 things you need as a Realtor, plus a bonus! Our proven Training and Structure ensures the success of new agents and helps experienced agents evolve.

You won’t have to figure it out on your own! One-on-One and group mentoring to help get your business off the ground and/or re-ignite it.


Service & Support

We have the highest level of service and support in the industry.  THT Realty Group’s commitment to our agent’s success is second to none. It is an integral part of our success as a team and a brokerage. Onsite full-time brokers focused on agents’ needs. Helping you to build a business you can retire from.

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The Home Team Realty Group

Main Phone: (800) 779 – 0228

11414 Livingston Road

Fort Washington, MD 20744

Agent testimonials

The Home Team is family. I chose the Home Team because of how close-knit the team is not only professionally but personally. The spirit of the team makes everyone go harder in the business and in the community.

Jarriel Jordan

Agent, THTRG

The reason I chose the HomeTeam was that as a brand new agent I knew I needed amazing guidance. Once I met Wyevetra and saw her heart and willingness to help people strive in this field I knew I needed to build a relationship with her to learn from her. I joined because I could see her values aligned with my vision and let her know that I am supposed to be apart of the team!

Marion Branch

Agent, THTRG

I chose the Home Team as a new realtor to connect, learn and grow with a team of entrepreneurs that are focused-driven and supportive. I wanted to see up close what success looks like and the team exemplifies that. Our Team Lead has vision, energy, passion, focus, and the ability to adjust to the individual team needs while maintaining team goals.

Norine Lane

Agent, THTRG

I chose the home team because I was with another real estate agency and I was so lost and confused about how to be a successful real estate agent that I was contemplating leaving the real estate. After meeting the agents from the Hone Team, I knew I had found my place. Everyone and I mean everyone, was eager to help, willing to teach, and a joy to be around. I felt at “home” with The Home Team. I appreciate the fact that everyone is encouraging when someone on the team does well. To be a part of The Home Team is like being with family.

Gayle Boone

Agent, THTRG

Before coming to a Realtor, I had the opportunity to watch the Home Team as I was purchasing my home, my Realtor was Wyevetra Jordan. The Home Team’s interaction with and how they supported one another, is something you don’t see often. It was like they genuinely cared for each other and wanted the team to win. When I decided to become a Realtor it was no doubt where I was going.

I became a realtor and joined the Home Team. And what I saw as a client, is exactly what I have experienced as a team member. The love, support, and unity of the Home Team are like none other.

Riquicha Fowler

Agent, THTRG

I chose The HomeTeam Realty Group because I saw the success of Marion Branch and it was the system she was working within. Her phenomenal results happened so quickly and consistently it was never a question of who or what realty entity I’d align myself with.

Alex Colvin

Agent, THTRG

Many brokerages can be chosen based on the name recognition benefits provided, however, there is much more to choosing a broker for your Real Estate career.

The Home Team Realty Group is a brokerage that is alive and inspirational. The boutique-related atmosphere and environment are focused on their mission to be a home for successful real estate agents, as well as a resource to the community. This is accomplished by having regular team meetings that build rapport and confidence in the agent, plans for meeting individual and brokerage goals, and inspires each agent to focus on client-related home solutions as well as better the communities we serve.

From community service events to home buyer seminars, home purchasing and move-in services, and financial and titling services, The Home Team is perfectly positioned to benefit clients in our communities. Agents benefit equally through education and development opportunities, community connections, full transaction support, and a prosperous reality environment.

The Home Team Realty Group is a family-oriented brokerage that inspires agents to treat clients as one of our own. Also, The Home Team Realty Group is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and in the community.

For these reasons and many more, my vision and ambition are definitely aligned with the efforts and accomplishments of The Home Team Realty Group!

Quartrina Humes

Agent, THTRG

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